Anti web 2.0

Estoy suscrita a una lista de correo en la que últimamente
se discute sobre esto. No he encontrado ninguna traducción al castellano.
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THE ANTI WEB 2.0 MANIFESTO (Adorno-for-idiots) by Andrew Keen

1. The cult of the amateur is digital utopianism’s most seductive
delusion. This cult promises that the latest media technology -- in the
form of blogs, wikis and podcasts -- will enable everyone to become
widely read writers, journalists, movie directors and music artists. It
suggests, mistakenly, that everyone has something interesting to say.

2. The digital utopian much heralded “democratization” of media will
have a destructive impact upon culture, particularly upon criticism.
“Good taste” is, as Adorno never tiredof telling us, undemocratic.
Taste must reside with an elite (“truth makers”) of historically
progressive cultural critics able to determine, on behalf of the
public, the value of a work-of-art. The digital utopia seeks to flatten
this elite into an ochlocracy. The danger, therefore, is that the
future will be tasteless.

3. To imagine the dystopian future, we need to reread Adorno, as well
as Kafka and Borges (the Web 2.0 dystopia can be mapped to that
triangular space between Frankfurt, Prague and Buenos Aires). Unchecked
technology threatens to undermine reality and turn media into a rival
version of life, a 21st century version of “The Castle” or “The Library
of Babel”. This might make a fantastic movie or short piece of fiction.
But real life, like art, shouldn’t be fantasy; it shouldn’t be fiction.

4. A particularly unfashionable thought: big media is not bad media.
The big media engine of the Hollywood studios, the major record labels
and publishing houses has discovered and branded great 20th century
popular artists of such as Alfred Hitchcock, Bono and W.G. Sebald (the
“Vertigo” three). It is most unlikely that citizen media will have the
marketing skills to discover and brand creative artists of equivalent

5. Let’s think differently about George Orwell. Apple’s iconic 1984
Super Bowl commercial is true: 1984 will not be like Nineteen
Eighty-Four the message went. Yes, the “truth” about the digital future
will be the absence of the Orwellian Big Brother and the Ministry of
Truth. Orwell’s dystopia is the dictatorship of the State; the Web 2.0
dystopia is the dictatorship of the author. In the digital future,
everyone will think they are Orwell (the movie might be called: Being George Orwell).

6. Digital utopian economists Chris Anderson have invented a
theoretically flattened market that they have christened the “Long
Tail”. It is a Hayekian cottage market of small media producers
industriously trading with one another. But Anderson’s “Long Tail” is
really a long tale. The real economic future is something akin to
Google -- a vertiginous media world in which content and advertising
become so indistinguishable that they become one and the same (more
grist to that Frankfurt-Prague-BuenosAires triangle).

7. As always, today’s pornography reveals tomorrow’s media. The future
of general media content, the place culture is going, is
the convergence of self-authored shamelessness, narcissism and
vulgarity -- a self-argument in favor of censorship. As Adorno liked to
remind us, we have a responsibility to protect people from their worst
impulses. If people aren’t able to censor their worst instincts, then
they need to be censored by others wiser and more disciplined than

8. There is something of the philosophical assumptions of early Marx
and Rousseau in the digital utopian movement, particularly in its holy
trinity of online community, individual creativity and common
intellectual property ownership. Most of all, it’s in the marriage of
abstract theory and absolute faith in the virtue of human nature that
lends the digital utopians their intellectual debt to intellectual
Casanovas like young Marx and Rousseau.

9. How to resist digital utopianism? Orwell’s focus on language is the
most effective antidote. The digital utopians needs to be fought
word-for-word, phrase-by-phrase, delusion-by-delusion. As an opening
gambit, let’s focus on the meaning of four key words in the digital
utopian lexicon: a) author b) audience c) community d) elitism.

10. The cultural consequence of uncontrolled digital development will
be social vertigo. Culture will be spinning and whirling and in
continual flux. Everything will be in motion; everything will be
opinion. This social vertigo of ubiquitous opinion was recognized by
Plato. That’s why he was of the opinion that opinionated artists should
be banned from his Republic.

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eugenio dijo...

increíble. cómo hacer pasar el fascismo puro y duro con un disfraz de crítica al "amateurismo". en todo caso, es un manifiesto, y no se puede ser muy serio cuando se trata de manifiestos. hace dias que sigo estas lineas de discurso, hay una especie de incomodidad generada por el "hype" en torno a la famosa web 2.0... tengo varios posts sobre esto en mi blog (que por cierto tiene un link a este) ... saludos!!

Anónimo dijo...

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Keep up the excellent work!

Anónimo dijo...

Supreme Post…Tanks 4 sharing!

Anónimo dijo...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


Anónimo dijo...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


Anónimo dijo...


This is a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use part of the information from this blog post right above if I give a backlink back to your website?


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